T E X T     P R O C E S S I N G

Text Editors Typesetting Packages HyperText Markup

For the Micro$oft victim: Notepad & Notepad++ (Less is more!)

Editors for Linux

For the purist: VI and its Various Versions (plus a short tutorial and a long tutorial)

pico (pine's built-in editor)   &   nano

"Visual" editors gedit and nedit

GNU Emacs advanced editor

XEmacs ("The next generation of Emacs")

OpenOffice Writer wysiwyg-style Word Processor

Doob's Introduction to TeX (Michael Doob's "gentle" guide to TeX: a 391 KB, 97-page PDF file)

Assorted LaTeX Manuals

IPE (for combining graphics with LaTeX - a 332 KB, 33-page PDF file)

PostScript Tips

HTML for Newbies   by   me.

HTML Tutorial & list of tags

The official HTML/htmlhttp://mars.cs.unp.ac.za/HTML/HTMLPrimerAll.html> Beginner's Guide to HTML from NCSA - also available as a 75 KB, 24-page PDF file

HTML5 Cheat-Sheet - a 278 KB, 53 page PDF file from Digital.com

The official MathML2 specification recommended by W3C - also available as a 3.25 MB, 665-page MathML 2.0 specificationPDF file

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