µSR Web Talks


Jess H. Brewer

Canadian Inst. for Advanced Research
and Dept. of Physics & Astronomy,
Univ. of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada V6T 1Z1

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  1.   Introduction to µSR
  2.   High-Field µSR Lineshapes in HTSC Vortex Lattices
        (talk at NEDO Workshop in Los Angeles, 14 March 1998)
  3.   Cryocrystals (Colloquium at Columbia Univ., 5 Dec 1997)
  4.   Delayed Muonium Formation
  5.   Double Relaxation:   (at least) two versions
  6.   Data Analysis Workshop:   Welcome to the Web!
  7.   µ-SR: doing it the hard way

  Note:   Several these Web Talks can be downloaded together in one 6.64MB ZIP file.
Jess H. Brewer
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