Physics 210

Project Proposals

A prized virtue among researchers is the ability to give a good oral presentation in a short time. As you may already know, giving a short talk can often be more difficult than giving a longer speech since you must cover so much in what always seems an inadequate amount of time. Many people imagine that the solution is to speak quickly; however that is the worst possible course of action. Your emphasis should be upon slowly explaining your idea through diagrams, heuristics and (if absolutely necessary) the occasional equation. For reference, here are the key elements that should be considered when designing a 6-8 minute presentation:

(If you want to give A TRULY TERRIBLE TALK, here are some GUIDELINES.)

Nota bene: All presentations must either be Emailed to the designated TA or Instructor as PowerPoint (.ppt), OpenOffice (.odp or .sxi) or (preferably) Portable Document Format (.pdf) files the day before you are to give your talk, no later than 6:00 PM. You can also place your file in a Web-accessible directory and give a link to the URL (see the bottom of the Presentation Schedule page). Let us know if you would like us to post it for you here instead.

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