Physics 210

Project Proposal Presentations

A prized virtue among researchers is the ability to give a good oral presentation in a short time. As you may already know, giving a short talk can often be more difficult than giving a longer speech since you must cover so much in what always seems an inadequate amount of time. Many people imagine that the solution is to speak quickly; however that is the worst possible course of action. Your emphasis should be upon slowly explaining your idea through diagrams, heuristics and (if absolutely necessary) the occasional equation. For reference, here are the key elements that should be considered when designing a 6-8 minute presentation:

(If you want to give A TRULY TERRIBLE TALK, here are some GUIDELINES.)

Nota bene: My apologies for not noticing earlier that this page had not been updated since 2008, when the instructions (to a much smaller class!) were to send your presentation files to me. That is not what you should be doing this year! Instead, you should put the PowerPoint (.ppt) or Portable Document Format (.pdf) file* for your presentation in your own ~/public_html/p210/ directory on hyper, make sure it is world-readable, and then enter both a title (topic) and the URL (of the form at the bottom of the Presentation Schedule page. It will be easy to tell if it worked: you should then be able to click on the title and the talk file will open in your browser or the appropriate application on your computer. This must be done by 08:30 AM on the day of your talk.

*In principle, files in OpenOffice (.odp or .sxi) format will work just as well on our workstations, but as a courtesy to those who still only have Windows, we ask that you convert to either .ppt or .pdf format.

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