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UBC Physics & Astronomy
Introduction   Course Description for PHYS 409   [140 kB, 19-page PDF file] NIST Constants
Oral Presentations   (Spring 2006) Tutorial on Oral Presentations   [1.8 MB PDF file] How to Blow it!
Written Reports   Writing Good Papers   [38 kB PDF]   &   TEX in Windows   &   sample files *TEX manuals
Skin Depth   Expt 1: Electromagnetic Skin Depth of Metals   [303 kB PDF] Wolfram or WikipediA
X-ray Diffraction   Expt 3: X-ray Diffraction   [159 kB PDF] Liverpool or WikipediA
Thermal Noise   Expt 4: Thermal Noise   [103 kB PDF] WikipediA or UMd Refs
Pulsed NMR   Expt 5: Pulsed Nuclear Magnetic Resonance   [208 kB PDF] Bruker NMR Guide
1D MRI   Expt 6: Magnetic Resonance Imaging in 1 Dimension   [159 kB PDF] Bruker NMR Guide
ESR   Expt 7: Electron Spin Resonance   [171 kB PDF] Bristol or WikipediA
Optical Pumping   Optical Pumping lab writeup from Cal Tech   [4.2 MB PDF] Teach Spin
Earth's-Field NMR   Manual for experiment using Teach Spin instrument   [470 kB PDF] Teach Spin or Bruker
Chaos   Chaotic Rhythms of Dripping Faucets   [17 kB PDF]   &   Hearts   [Ref] Simulation   [1.4 MB PDF]
Muon Lifetime   Lifetimes of Cosmic Ray Muons Particle Data Group
(none yet)   Photoelectric Effect
(none yet)   Atomic Energy States (Frank-Hertz)
(none yet)   Magnetization of a High-Tc Superconductor
(none yet)   Positron Emission Tomography
(none yet)   Gamma ray scattering
(none yet)   Speed of light
(none yet)   Optical measurement of bandgap of GaAs

Note: some of the manuals are being (re)written.

Here is a map showing the locations of the experiments:
PHYS 352 Experiments:


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