PHYS 409 Lab Signup

We have a finite collection of experimental apparatus designed to facilitate experiments on a variety of topics. These are not "canned" labs; you will have to figure out for yourself what can be measured with the available apparatus, which things you want to measure, how, and why.

Experiment List, Locations and Descriptions

The Experiment Descriptions are meant to introduce you to the possibilities presented by each apparatus, including its function and capabilities, the principles on which it operates, and the phenomena it was designed to measure. We hope you will use the equipment creatively (and nondestructively) for original tests and measurements - and, ideally, discover hitherto unknown applications thereof.

The staff of PHYS 409 will help you get things to work, usually by directing you to appropriate manuals, but they will not just fix it for you.

Because only one or two people can work effectively with a given apparatus at one time, it is necessary to assign each of you to a specific apparatus at the beginning of the course, and again at mid-term for your second experiment. You are welcome to work in pairs (no more than two!) and share technical expertise, but each person must design his/her own experiment and take her/his own data.

To make it easier for you to select your experiments (and negotiate with others in case of conflicts) we have created the following Web tool:

Log in   to see who has signed up for what so far and to   choose your experiment.

NOTE: Choose one Experiment. Do not try to "reserve" all the ones you think you might like.

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