Welcome to the Home Brewery!  Although I love beer, this is not a reference to its production, except insofar as my last name may once have indicated my ancestors' traditional trade.  Who knows?

Some rules:  First, be nice.  You know what I mean.   Second, if you want an account, send me a request with your full name, your Email address and your reason for wanting one.  I've given up on self-registration -- it was robots all the way down.

Everything here is "copylefted" -- you can take it and use it any way you like except that whatever you use it in must be similarly copylefted and attributed to its original author.


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12 thoughts on “Home”

      1. Yes I do have a problem.
        Me and computers , computers and I ...it's a miracle I haven't thrown one out the window yet..
        Which brings me to the problem ...
        Is there a link you could provide elsewhere ? If I want to read more I'm having to go back to your comment on Quora. I've tried to copy it but ..... Well, there's an open window to my right ....;)
        Trying to google it gave me no results.
        Thanks in advance

        1. I didn't see any reply from me, so in case I forgot, here's what to do: just go to http://jick.net/wordpress/ and you should see a smorgasbord of little hors d'oerve (or however it's spelled) plus a very more substantial appetizers.

          In general, with URLs that are more specific than desired, you can just start deleting the characters at the end until you get back to a "/", and if that doesn't work, delete back to the next "/", and so on. Sometimes the site (not this one) will deny access to some intermediate levels for security reasons, but the base URL (just up to the first single "/") will almost always yield something, though not necessarily what you're looking for. Paranoid webmasters will put the home page down an entirely different tree from the pages it sends you to. That I find unnecessary and annoying.

          1. Are you & Hannah communicating through dyslexicode? Seriously! If it's a code, I want to know the secret!

  1. It's carleen the cleaning lady can't figure out how find your sci find story. While i am here , l will leave one of my poems. No need to answer me...i will see you guys soon and i hate communicating on the net.
    poem :

    Yeah I see you in the silence of the night
    but what business has darkness with light
    you buy and sell bodies and souls of men...
    ah, I see I've drank your maddening wine again
    you never cease to amaze me - you've come so far
    oh Mystery! Mystery! ...but I know who you really are

    You extol the righteous as extremist by nature...
    while you, yourself, bow down to the creature
    you lounge in your bed of apostolic debauchery
    and you claim as your securities your....arrogant sorrceries
    you've polluted your takers with delicate lies...
    now who do you expect will hear your eternal cries?

    Certainly not the God of Isaac, Jacob,Abraham and Moses
    as the sword of the spirit in white lightning exposes -
    Your cup Wil be mixed with your own double portion
    and the blood of the matryes, saints and prophets
    will flow from your own demonically infested sockets

    Carleen Ellis

    1. Ah, a poem to Harper! 😉

      It sure has fire, but when I see rhyme and near-rhyme, I instinctively look for meter as well; perhaps this is a hangover from an overly classical education. Certainly modern pop music has taught us that meter can be more varied and interesting than dactylic hexameter or iambic pentameter, but I can't find a consistent pattern here. Free verse is often (usually?) liberated from the constraints of meter, but while it often includes internal rhymes, it rarely (never?) employs regular end-rhymes. (Except maybe Ogden Nash. 🙂 Is there any good reason for this (my) reaction of "Make up your mind! Rules or no rules?"? I don't know. I'll have to give this some thought.

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