Assorted Haiku

    Our big dreams come true unnoticed, while we cry for all the little ones.   From a sea-blue sky a brown bolt of eagle strikes: death among flowers.   Clear intention shows that what you think will happen tends to be what does. Only this end -- that dead men write no histories -- […]

No Time

Harry sat in the time machine and cried.  Not the usual tear leaking from a reluctant eye; this time the dam burst into great heart-wrenching sobs, his shirt front wet from tears streaming down his cheeks and dripping off his chin.  He pitched forward onto the control panel and buried his face in his arms. […]


  I leave you sleeping warm and ride into the cold night, my eyes hurt by headlights on windshield frost. Looking up through the now clear glass I see the quotidian Earth reach up and swallow a perfect harvest Moon. All day its magic hides behind the Sun's commercial, rational glare, but dusk relights the […]

Physics Haiku

One of my habits during long meetings (particularly those of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research [CIfAR] Quantum Materials program, where my brain's digestive capacity was frequently exceeded) was to write haiku about the speaker's topic and/or my own state of mind. Here are a few. ARPES photons knock me out, leave behind the energy […]


Pain! Searing, visceral, unendurable pain. Terrifying pain, and then an end to endurance... I die. And yet I am still here. What is "here"? Think. What came before the pain? I was testing the new Transporter... Oh my god, the Transporter must have malfunctioned! But none of the birds and dogs showed the slightest discomfort […]

Water Haiku

Surge and sag, rising across the Earth's crust; reward yearnings of the Moon.  Falling forever frozen to a distant Sun; gas tail all alight. Wet specks merge and stick, relax into bigger bags and fall, jiggling. Clear spheres drag apart the colours from white and send circles to centre. Love is to be cool water […]