The Poetry Page

Just getting started here.

This is a public Web site devoted to collecting and presenting original poetry by people who, for whatever reasons, wish to make their work freely available to anyone with a Web browser and an Internet connection.

In the fullness of time I will set up a handy submission form whereby you can cut and paste a short poem directly from your desktop into this archive. For the time being, however, just send me an e-mail message with your poem in it - I will do the necessary editing to turn it into a presentable HTML file (feel free to do this for me beforehand if you know how!) subject to your permission.

Needless to say (I wish), I reserve the exclusive and unconditional right to decide what is or is not fit to present on this site. I may even exercise some aesthetic judgement if we start getting too full. So don't ever think of this as an alternative way to archive your work; it may be deleted from this site at any time without notice.

For our first works I have some nice poems from Sarah Goldstein in New York.

And of course there are a few of mine.

Jess H. Brewer
Last modified: Tue Mar 15 12:18:29 PDT 2022