The DQ'in Blues

by Jess H. Brewer

[chopro format]

To the tune of Deep River Blues

[E7] [Site of next big meet] is [Bf7] where I'm bound.  
My [E7] feet are [A] barely on the ground 
and [E] I figure, [B7] I can't hardly [E] lose. [E7] 

[E7] If I may   [Bf7] be so bold, 
I [E7] thought I might take [A] home the gold 
but [E] now I've got the [B7] DQ'in [A] Blues.  

Got my entry, filled it out, 
checked it twice, no room for doubt. 
I even paid my local WAVA dues.  

A cashier's cheque could do no harm   
but Posties lost my entry form! 
They gave me the DQ'in Blues.  


Oh those [E] DQ'in [D] Blues, 
ain't [A] no worse way to [E] lose 
[E7] exceptin' maybe [A] injury and [B7] pain.  
So [D] if I have to [A] choose 
my [B7] DQ'in Blues, 
I [E] might as well take [A] steroids and [E] cocaine.  

Cured my hamstring, cured my quad, 
physio'd my total bod; 
now I haven't even got a bruise.  

Showed up when the schedules say, 
learned my race was yesterday.  
Now I've got them DQ'in Blues!  

Missed the throws and missed the vault.  
They don't care it's not my fault: 
older people sometimes need to snooze.  

In the blocks I flinched a bit; 
one false start is all you get.  
I'm cryin' the DQ'in Blues.  


Miss the board, miss the pit; 
forget to leave the end of it.  
Foul   out  any way you choose.  

Take a run up, thump, Thump, THUMP!  
You mean, it's NOT the triple jump? 
Damn!  I got them DQ'in Blues.  

Hurdles thrill me deep inside; 
my trail leg went a little wide.  
Nothin' left to run now but the Two.  

On the turn I'm doin' fine, 
until I touched that old white line.  
Come join me in the DQ'in Blues.  



The meet is over, races run, 
all events are lost and won.  
Look, now we're even on the News! 

It isn't so much if you win, 
it's how you did and where you've been 
and how you sing those DQ'in Blues!  

{c:CHORUS - full speed}