U N I X     &     L i n u x

Web Resources:
Matt Choptuik's Notes on Unix/Linux
from PHYS 210: Computational Physics (UBC, 2009)
Choptuik's Notes as PDF (a 174 kB file)

A Beginners Guide to UNIX

UNIX Tutorial for Beginners

UNIX basics  from Indiana U.'s Knowledge Base

Linux tutorials  from linux.org

The Linux Documentation Project  (TLDP)

Introduction . . .   by S.R. Bourne himself

bash Shell Programming

bash Guide for Beginners

bash Reference Manual

Handy bash Shortcuts

A-Z Index of Linux bash commands

Choptuik's PHYS 210 (2009)

Reference Books:
"Linux in a Nutshell", 5th Ed., Siever et al.   (O'Reilly & Associates 2005).

" Unix for the Impatient", 2nd ed., Abrahams & Larson   (Addison-Wesley 1997).

"Ubuntu for Non-Geeks", 4th ed., Grant & Bull   (No Starch Press, July 2010).   [496 pp., $34.95, ISBN 9781593272579]

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