This is an "electronic notebook" where you can store, edit and retrieve your lecture outlines and/or peruse those of others. The archive is fully searchable, so there is no need for static links; however, your Webmaster reserves the right to promote his own courses and those of his chums. We start with just the UBC credit courses

Physics 107,     Physics 108,     Physics 210,     Physics 401,     Physics 438,

the UBC Continuing Education course
"What Does it All Mean? - Physics as Poetry"

and the VIU Elder College courses
"Physics, Poetry & Philosophy"

"Possible Futures"

"Easy Algebra & Calculus"

...or you can just have a look around.

Please be civil, considerate and thoughtful about what you store here before you start typing. I reserved the right to zap anything I find offensive. If you find something offensive, let me know and I might zap that too, depending on whether I agree that it compromises the free exchange of ideas. I won't zap anything just because I disagree with it, but I may ridicule it mercilessly. I expect no less in return. Enjoy!

You will notice that only registered Lecturers are allowed to create Topics in the archive; this is to preserve some measure of accountability. You may also wish to register to locate specific Lecturers (and help them locate you). Here's where:

Lecturers Database

Any registered Lecturer can create Topics and Lectures, but I am exercising some control over the creation of new Courses. If you have an idea for one, just send me an e-mail and I will almost certainly create it for you.   --   Jess H. Brewer
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