Nuclear Power vs. Global Climate Change: HOMEWORK

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Please print (if convenient) and fill out this Questionnaire before the first class.

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If you want me to be able to contact you conveniently, please just email me and indicate whether you prefer to be on the "public" list (where other recipients can see your email address) or the "private" list (where they can't).     While you're at it, feel free to tell us something about yourself -- what motivated you to take this course, what you hope to learn, and/or what special knowledge you have that might contribute to our discussions. Please let me know whether you want to share this "profile" with your classmates.

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I don't expect you to read all the literature here, but Gwyneth Cravens' book, while eminently "readable", is a bit out of date, and I will be leaving this website up (and probably adding to it) indefinitely. So it would be in your interest to at least open all the links (and their links) at your leisure to get a feeling for what sort of information they contain. That way, when you later need to look something up (for your own interest or to back up an argument with others) you will be able to do so efficiently. The References Database should help you find what you're looking for (and maybe show you some surprises).

Your Power Use

(5) Radiation Dose Chart:
You really should keep this handy!

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For the last class I'm hoping we can have a discussion of the economics and public relations aspects of nuclear power. I doubt that I can assemble a presentation that improves upon those two references, so I'll ask you to read those articles before the last class.

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