Nuclear Power vs. Global Climate Change: LINKS


"NOAA Earth System Research Laboratories" for data on climate change

"Our World in Data" for trustworthy data on just about everything

"Power to Save the World" by Gwyneth Cravens (publ. 2007)

Radiation Dose Chart (handy reference)

Radiation: Part of Life (podcast with Michael H. Fox)

Detectable is not the same as Dangerous

Nuclear Health Hazard Myths busted by CNSC

Radioactive Decay Chains for "Nuclear Forensics"

Jack Devanney's Site Directory on


WAR: Hiroshima & Nagasaki

Wikipedia: 129,000 - 226,000 dead   vs.   NIH & RERF: Detailed analysis of effects.

H-Bomb tests at Bikini & Enewetak Atolls (more details)

Simulate the Effects of various Bombs on the City of your choice!


THREE MILE ISLAND (Wikipedia vs. World Nuclear Assn.)

No significant exposures.

CHERNOBYL (Wikipedia vs. World Nuclear Assn. vs. YouTube)

2 killed in explosion; 134 high doses, of whom
28 died soon after and 14 had cancer within 10 years.

FUKUSHIMA ( Wikipedia vs. World Nuclear Assn.)

Zero deaths due to radiation.


Radiation Hormesis   vs.   LNT model & ALARP policy

RAMSAR, Iran: avg. 10, up to 131 mSv/a; no significant health effects.


World Nuclear Association (& links to "pro" side)

Anti-Nuclear Movement (& links to "anti" side)

History of the Above (illustrating conflation of "power" with "weapons")

Helen Caldicott (an extreme case)


Gordian Knot News by Jack Devanney

Sci. Am. article on Small Nuclear Reactors (SNRs)

M.V. Ramana has documented the history & economics of SNRs.

R.J. Budnitz explains why SNRs are actually cheaper and better.

Kirk Sorensen's pitch for Thorium & Small Modular Reactors (SMRs)

Videos on Molten Salt Reactors (MSRs) & Thorium

Canada's Nuclear Plan: Radio Clip on SMRs in Canada


The Skeptic's Guide to Physics   &   Radiation Hazards (Web & Presentation versions)

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