Nuclear Power vs. Global Climate Change: PRESENTATIONS

K   = Mac/OS Keynote presentation file
KP = big PDF file simulating Kenote transitions
P   = compact PDF file (no "teases")

Syllabus for 2023 (K, KP or P)

Anthropic Global Climate Change (K, KP or P)

Power Use (K, KP or P)

Power Sources in British Columbia (K, KP or P)

Radiation Hazards (K, KP or P)

Measuring Radiation & its Health Effects (K, KP or P)

Radiation Calculations (K, KP or P)

Fission Products (K, KP or P)


Nuclear Physics (K, KP or P)

Nuclear Reactor Designs (K, KP or P)

Fusion (K, KP or P)

My Story (recorded for Atomic Ambassadors)

Heart of Thor (song in honor of Bob Cywinski's retirement)

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