S E L E C T E D     D O C U M E N T A T I O N

Basic Tools Computational Utilities Programming Languages

UNIX  &  Linux
Text Processing


MathWorks'   MatLab   ($$$)
(excellent tutorials are available)

Octave (free alternative to MatLab)

C     vs.     FORTRAN

Python     vs.     Ruby

Assorted Java & JavaScript Manuals

PHP:  Manual  &  JpGraph

Less Notorious Computational Utilities:
Extrema : 926 kB PDF manual or 376 kB PDF tutorial - see also Physica homepage (most syntax is the same for Extrema).

µView (a Java spreadsheet for µSR)     |     SciLab (another free alternative to MatLab)     |     SuperMongo (favorite of Astronomers)

Symbolic Algebra & Calculus:
Wolfram's   Mathematica   ($$$$)         vs.         Maplesoft's   Maple   ($$)         vs.         Maxima (free)

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