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Welcome to "Stat Mech for Eng Phys"!

- from Jess H. Brewer, instructor

As of 1997, this course is available on the World Wide Web (WWW or W3 or W3 or just the Web, as it is fondly known by its users) thanks to the development of the Web Course Tools (WebCT ) utilities by some brilliant computer scientists at UBC.

To access the P455 Web pages on the WebCT site you must be registered in the course; however, I will be providing links to some of the course's HyperText Handouts and other information through this public site, which you are welcome to peruse freely. (Unlike WebCT, this site does not require a Netscape 2.0 or better Web browser!)

Spring 1997 Course Description for Physics 455

Physics 455 Lectures by Jess H. Brewer, Spring 1997

HyperText Handouts:

If you want to see more, try logging in to the P455 WebCT site (see above) as "Visitor" (password also "Visitor").
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