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Table of contents

TRIUMF aerial photo

Title Page

Meson Factories: where is ÁSR done?

Pion Production

Pion Decay

Muon Decay

Asymmetry in muon decay

TF-ÁSR basics

TF-ÁSR details

Spin Rotator and Strong TF

Vortex State of Type II Superconductors

ZF-ÁSR basics

Random Fields: random only in Direction

Antiferromagnetic YBCO6.0

YBCO x,T Phase Diagram

More Random Fields: when Everything varies

Kubo-Toyabe ZF/LF Relaxation Functions

Weak Relaxation in Optimally Doped YBCO

ÁSR Methods: Brewer's list of Acronyms

Themes in ÁSR

What Next?

Author: Jess H. Brewer