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  1. Art and Science   (not Art vs. Science!)

  2.  physics  vs.  Physics:   the Poet meets the Engineer

  3. Representations   (poetry again)

  4. The Language of Math   (...and again)

    Optional supplements: Calculus in a Nutshell & some Simple Derivatives.
    More advanced: Calculus for Physicists (181 kB PDF file)

  5. The Art of Measurement   (some nuts & bolts . . . )

  6. Falling Bodies   (kinematics)

  7. The Exponential Function: Derivation & Summary Sheet

  8. Vectors - in 3 Dimensions or Generalized

  9. Force vs. Mass   &   Newton's 3 Laws

  10. Celestial Mechanics

  11. The Emergence of Mechanics   (we're talking serious poetry now!)
    & 1-page summary (60 kB PDF)

  12. Equations of Motion   (a Physics favourite)

  13. Simple Harmonic Motion   (everyone's favourite!)
    & SHM Presentation (435 kB PDF)

    Optional supplement: Complex Exponentials

  14. Waves   (the most important topic in Physics)

    + Interference (0.8 MB PDF) & Diffraction (0.44 MB PDF)

    Optional supplements: Phasors & Sound Waves (44 kB PDF)

  15. Thermal Physics & 717 kB PDF Presentation

  16. Weird Science

  17. Introduction to Electromagnetism

    Optional supplement: E due to a Rod of Charge

  18. Gauss' Law   (not just for electric fields!)

    The Magentic Field explained at last!

    The Lorentz Force & its Applications (337 kB PDF)

    Optional supplement: B due to a Rod of Current

    Optional supplement: Torque on a Current Loop
    and its Orientational Energy (92 kB PDF)

  19. Ampère's Law (under construction)

  20. Faraday's Law

  21. AC Circuits: RC or LCR

    Optional Supplement: Vector Calculus

  22. And Maxwell said, "Let there be light!"

    Dateline: "Modern" Physics                                

  23. Early History of Atoms

  24. Particle in a Box (Quantum Mechanics in a Nutshell)

    Quantum Quotes

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