Timeline: "Modern" Physics

450-300 BC Leucippus, Democritos, Epicurus . . . Greek Atomists
335 BC Aristotle continuous elements (earth, air, fire, water)
300 BC Zeno of Cition (founder of Stoics) popularizes Aristotelian view.
60 BC Titus Lucretius Carus of Rome epitomizes "Atomist" philosophy.
1879 Josef Stefan [expt] power emitted as blackbody radiation varies as T4
1884 Ludwig Boltzmann [theor] explains Stefan's empirical law
1885 Johann Jakob Balmer [expt] empirical description of line spectra emitted by H atoms
1890 Johannes Robert Rydberg [expt] line spectra cont'd
1893 Wilhelm Wien [expt] blackbody spectrum displacement law: peak wavelength varies as 1/T
1895 Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen [expt] discovers X-rays
1897 Joseph John Thomson [expt] measures boldmath q/m of the electron
1900 Max Planck [theor] derives correct blackbody radiation spectrum
1902 Philipp E.A. von Lenard [expt] measures photoelectric effect
1905 Albert Einstein [theor] explains photoelectric effect
1905 Albert Einstein [theor] publishes Special Theory of Relativity (STR)
1905 Albert Einstein [theor] explains Brownian motion (gives mass of atoms!)
1905 Ernest Rutherford [expt] performs first alpha-scattering experiments at McGill Univ. (Canada)
1907 Robert A. Milliken [expt] measures electron charge (now know both qe and me).
1912 William (H. & L.) Bragg [expt] shows that X-rays scatter off crystal lattices
1913 Hans Geiger & Ernest Marsden [expt] confirm Rutherford scattering results at Univ. of Manchester (U.K.)
1913 Niels Henrik David Bohr [theor] pictures H atom with quantized angular momentum
1916 Albert Einstein [theor] publishes General Theory of Relativity (GTR)
1916 Robert Andrews Milliken [expt] confirms photoelectric effect in detail
1922 Arthur Holly Compton [expt] scatters X-rays off electrons
1924 Louis Victor de Broglie [theor] hypothesizes "matter waves" with   $\lambda = h/p$
1925 Wolfgang Pauli [theor] formulates his exclusion principle
1925 Max Born & Werner Heisenberg [theor] introduce quantum mechanics
1926 Erwin Schroedinger [theor] develops a nonrelativistic wave equation for quantum mechanics
1927 Werner Heisenberg [theor] formulates his uncertainty principle
1928 Paul A.M. Dirac [theor] develops a relativistic wave equation for electrons and predicts antimatter

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