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The Skeptic's Guide to Physics

a HyperReference by        

Jess H. Brewer        

To go to any "Chapter" of this HyperReference, click on its title below. Once you are there, [for most Chapters] clicking on the title in the first page will download a PDF or Postscript file of the entire Chapter, in case you prefer to print it all out at once in a nicer format than HTML.


  1. Art and Science   (not Art vs. Science!)

  2.  physics  vs.  Physics:   the Poet meets the Engineer

  3. Representations   (poetry again)

  4. The Language of Math   (...and again)

    Optional supplements: Calculus in a Nutshell or just Simple Derivatives

  5. The Art of Measurement   (some nuts & bolts . . . )

  6. Falling Bodies   (kinematics)

  7. The Exponential Function: Derivation & Summary Sheet

  8. Vectors - in 3 Dimensions or Generalized

  9. Force vs. Mass

  10. Celestial Mechanics

  11. The Emergence of Mechanics   (we're talking serious poetry now!)

  12. Equations of Motion   (a Physics favourite)

  13. Simple Harmonic Motion   (everyone's favourite!)

    Optional supplements: Complex Exponentials
    & SHM Presentation (435 kB PDF file)

  14. Waves   (the most important topic in Physics)

  15. Thermal Physics

  16. Weird Science

  17. Introduction to Electromagnetism

    Optional supplement: E due to a Rod of Charge

  18. Gauss' Law   (not just for electric fields!)

    The Magentic Field explained at last!

    The Lorentz Force & its Applications (337 kB PDF file)

    Optional supplement: B due to a Rod of Current

    Optional supplement: Torque on a Current Loop
    and its Orientational Energy (92 kB PDF file)

  19. Ampère's Law (under construction)

  20. Faraday's Law (under construction)

  21. AC Circuits: RC or LCR

    Optional Supplement: Vector Calculus

  22. And Maxwell said, "Let there be light!"

    Dateline: "Modern" Physics                                

  23. Early History of Atoms

  24. Particle in a Box (Quantum Mechanics in a Nutshell)

    Quantum Quotes

   Old UBC Physics Courses:

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