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An Ornamental Garden of Field Distributions
and Static ZF Muon Spin Relaxation Functions

D.R. Noakes
Physics Department
Virginia State University
Petersburg, VA 23806


A variety of static local field distributions and their associated static ZF Kubo-Toyabe µSR relaxation functions are derived by mathematical manipulation, often without reference to any particular physical model of any particular real material. The relation of such distributions and relaxation functions, not already in use, to µSR in the lab is not clear. However, the static Lorentzian Kubo-Toyabe function, which is in use, is well known to be pathological because the field distribution has infinite second moment, which causes the relaxation function to have a slope as $%
t\rightarrow 0$. Most of the distributions discussed do not have such a pathology.


Jess H. Brewer